Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My 1st Blog

Hello all,

Being new to blogging and not fully understanding how it all works I would like to share a passion of mine with all of you. It’s Italian Culinary, Recipes and Wines. I Hope there are many out there to share with me as I would like to share with you, all about my experiences with making Homemade Pasta’s , Great!! Melt in your mouth Pizza’s from scratch and many more recipes and techniques of Italian Cooking. Last week my little sister came in from out of town to stay with my Wife and me for a bit and while she was here I made her Homemade Ravioli’s. Now I’m not talking about the store bought frozen kind, but the ones I remember Grandma making for us on Sunday afternoons after Church. The ones that only fit two to a plate… MMM, Mangia!! She would say as I gobbled them down. Ah, the good ole memories that fill my head with all the flavors of her food from her kitchen. Well, starting out we kneaded the Pasta dough and rolled it out, we mixed the spices to the ricotta filling mixture and formed our little pillows of pleasure, squeezing the air out and sealing them to insure they would not come apart during the cooking stage. I have been making them for years now but their always better to share when family comes in town that has the same memories of Grandma’s kitchen as I do. We wasted no time plating and covering them with Homemade Sauce (equally as good as Grandma’s) then indulged in a great dinner with wonderful company and a bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, A “great” wine from the Tuscan Region of Italy.